Ibanez Msc350 Montage Acoustic Electric Hybrid Guitar

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Ibanez Msc350 Montage Acoustic Electric Hybrid Guitar

Guitarists are often called upon to cover all sorts of sounds and textures: acoustic, electric, rhythm, lead. Unfortunately, this usually results in a car full of extra gear. Not anymore: the Ibanez Montage acoustic-electric guitar is a complete sonic arsenal for busy working musicians. You can get any sound, from purely clear acoustic to heavily distorted electric and everything in between, in just one guitar. Your dilemma is now no longer an issue. Just grab the Ibanez Montage guitar, and you’re set for the gig. A simple version of Montage, the Ibanez MSC350, features a 3-way switch that enables you to get both acoustic and electric guitar sounds. The black guitar features Ibanez’ original M300 Preamp with 3-band EQ and onboard tuner. The MSC350BK also features volume and gain, plus anti-feedback and tone controls (clockwise from top). The Ibanez guitar’s Under Saddle pickup, along with 3-band EQ with anti-feedback system, delivers clear acoustic tone without any compromise. The magnetic pickup and gain control give you distorted electric guitar sound instantly. The Ivorex II nut is stronger and more durable than bone and even harder than the original Ivorex. Ivorex II nuts allow brilliant highs and more pronounced lows with less mid-range, which makes Ivorex II-fitted guitars perfect for amplification. The Ibanez Montage acoustic-electric guitar has three separate volumes that allow impressive control for each of the instrument’s sounds—acoustic, clean electric, and overdrive. The overdrive also features a gain knob to adjust the level of distortion. It also features built-in chorus, built-in reverb, a piezo pickup for the acoustic sounds, and a magnetic pickup for the electric sounds. The Ibanez Montage guitar can also blend the sounds using the toggle switch and the EQ filters for very dynamic and customizable tones. This is a great acoustic-electric guitar, especially for a lead singer, who is playing in a band with an acoustic rock sound. You can get nice full tone without the sound of other instruments, but when the rest of the band comes in, this Ibanez guitar has the features to add more beef to the mix. Because this guitar is so versatile with acoustic guitar sounds, electric guitar sounds, electric with distortion, chorus, and built-in reverb, it’s a one-guitar ticket to any jam, gig, or street performance. No pedals needed, just grab it and go.

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Used, But Like New, No Warranty

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