Montgomery Ward Gibson Acoustic Guitar For Restore

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Montgomery Ward  Gibson  Acoustic Guitar For Restore

Gibson / Montgomery Ward Acoustic Guitar Hello and thanks for looking at my auction. This guitar is for sale for restore, so if you are not a qualified repair person or if you do not know where to take a vintage guitar for repair please do not bid, unless you want a wall decoration. I think this is a Montgomery Ward made by Gibson. I sold a guitar like this several months ago that was in a fire and scorched all over. Friendly Ebayers Identified the guitar as a Gibson made Montgomery Ward. I think from the late 1930′s. The guitar I am selling now looks just like the one I sold earlier. I never thought I would stumble across another one so I did not keep any Info on the first guitar I sold like this. I think it is some sort of cowboy model. So, any help would be appreciated for identification purposes…………again. The good news is that this guitar was not in a fire. The bad news is as follows. Scratches all over the guitar none really too deep. Strap button is gone. Nut is loose ,but looks like it may be original. In the first three frets some person applied some sort of epoxy on the frets to level out where cowboy chords were played for years which dug into the fret board. Three tiny holes around the sound hole were drilled to fit a pickup in I think. Another small hole near the bridge for a pot? 4 nicks near that hole. I count 4 long cracks in the sound board – no missing wood. The bridge needs new bone. Neck needs a serious adjustment because the strings are high off the fret board. I tried to show this in the pics ,but it did not show up that well. The neck is a little concave and the position of the neck needs to be fixed. I am no expert on guitar restoration. Please feel free to ask questions. The guitar is about 37 or 38 inches from top to bottom. 4 inches deep and about 15 inches wide at the widest point. This is about the best I can do, so thanks!

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