Gibson B-25 Natural Vintage 1960′s Acoustic Guitar, Rosewood Replacement Bridge

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Gibson B-25 Natural Vintage 1960's Acoustic Guitar, Rosewood Replacement Bridge

1960′s Gibson B-25 Natural acoustic guitar with upgraded direct replacement Gibson rosewood bridge. Professionally installed with a custom bone bridge saddle. This is a great playing and sounding guitar with lots of wear and tear. Tuners have been upgraded with Gibson Kluson tuners. Headstock was cracked, but has been repaired/glued and is solid and not coming apart. several fret wear, but still plenty of life left in the frets. This guitar plays and sounds excellent. This guitar stays in tune and has good intonation. Comes with what I think might be an original case. Case shows wear and tear, but stays closed and protects the guitar as it should. The case is not a hardshell, or cheap cardboard case, but somewhere in between. I believe Gibson called these mid range cases, “faultless cases”. There are 2 little holes on each side of the soundhole exactly where someone attached a pickup at one point, and a couple of small holes on the face down where knobs would normally be on an electric guitar. Someone modified this guitar in the past with a pickup, and then removed the pickup prior to my ownership of this guitar. There is heavy wear deep into the solid spruce top right by the pickguard. There are about 3 hairline cracks extending from the bridge to the bottom end of the guitar, but these have been glued shut and are solid. You can’t see any light shining through. Closed solid. All these cosmetic and structural imperfections can be seen in the pictures provided. The action and intonation on this guitar are good. This guitar plays and sounds incredible. Please ask all questions before bidding. Sold as is. No returns. Payment must be received within 48 hours of close of auction. I ship to confirmed ebay adresses only. I sell and ship within the United States only. Winning bidder pays all shipping and insurance costs. Shipping dimensions are 50 inches x 20 inches x 10 inches and shipping weight is 20 pounds.

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