Fender Shenandoah 12-string Acoustic Guitar, 1965 Or So

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Fender Shenandoah 12-string Acoustic Guitar, 1965 Or So

You are bidding on a 1965 vintage Fender Shenandoah 12-string acoustic guitar. This auction includes the hard-shell case, but does NOT include the short stand or strap visible in the listing photos. This guitar is serial number 08372. I am the original owner of this guitar. I bought it new from Skeets McWilliams Guitar shop in Jackson MS sometime in 1967. Or maybe 1968…..it was a long time ago in a galaxy far far away and I just don’t remember for sure. But anyway, I’ve played this guitar occasionally on gigs and in studio work where the “sound” of a 12-string was needed by the music. It’s a great guitar but I’m not playing regularly anymore and hate to see it sitting in the case. So I’m putting it up here on e-bay in hopes of finding it a good musical home. This was a working guitar and it shows the effects of age and use but overall it’s in good condition. The listing photos show the obvious dings and scratches in the finish. This guitar is completely original. Original string pegs, original Fender winders, etc. The only thing I changed on it since new is the strap and strings. The listing photos show a scratched up area just below the pick guard, but the photos don’t show it well. That area of scratches is darker than revealed by the photos. Sorry – but that’s what a flash will do – HIDE things, so I’m trying to describe it fully here. There’s also a place about the size of two nickels on the back side where the finish lacquer is scratched away, but the wood underneath is undamaged. Both of these areas were the contribution of the same idiot who picked up the guitar during a break and was playing away on it without permission. He was drunk enough not to notice that his belt buckle was scratching the finish on the backside, and his watchband was scratching the finish on the front. That happened back in the early 70s and it’s been that way ever since. But otherwise, the finish is in good condition – not checked or cracked. I’ve included a couple of photos to try and show the straightness of the neck. It’s very hard to see this in the photos, but I put a metal straightedge on the guitar for a reference. As best I can see, there is approximately 1/8 – 3/16” of lift between the neck root and the nut. There’s also a photo of the top near the bridge, showing approximately a 1/16” rise above dead flat. It’s hard to see that in the photo, but if you look carefully you can see “daylight” UNDER that straightedge in the photo. That area near the bridge has been that way for about 20 years and has not gotten worse over time. The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd frets show wear under the B and E strings. (Unless you’re a musician, you’d be surprised at how much 12-string music is played in the key of “D”.) The case is also original Fender, and I bought it with the guitar. It’s been a road warrior and it’s got plenty of “character” in the dings and scratches. Thieves even had it once in Seattle, but I got it and the guitar back. All the latches work, but the handle broke a long time ago and has been repaired with some small metal straps. The interior is still in remarkably good condition considering the age. The shipping weight of this item is about 27 pounds in a heavy carton. Shipping cost is a fixed fee of $92 via UPS 3-Day Select Service to a valid street address in the 48 continental United States. I will only ship this insured, and an adult signature will be required for receipt. It’ll be shipped with the strings loose to protect the neck. If you are in Hawaii or Alaska please inquire for shipping costs BEFORE you bid. Sorry, but I do not sell or ship outside the United States. I accept PayPal for payment. Payment is expected within five business days of auction end unless other arrangements have been made with me prior to your bid. Shipping will be held until payment is RECEIVED. I generally ship within two business days, although on occasion it may be three if I have to locate an odd-sized shipping carton. Please ask any questions you may have BEFORE bidding. I have described the item to the best of my ability. The photos in the auction are of the actual item. If you need further info about the item please ask and I’ll do my best to get it for you before the auction ends. I generally reply to e-mail within a day or so. Unless otherwise stated, returns are not accepted. If you feel that the item you received was not fairly described please e-mail me with your concern. This item is offered “as-is, where-is” with no guarantee or warranty. Thank you for your business. This is a great guitar. Please give it a good musical home and let it sing once in a while. Almost feels like I’m selling one of my children, but if you’re a musician….well….you know the drill. Don

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