Alvarez Model 5022 Acoustic Guitar Vintage

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Alvarez Model 5022 Acoustic Guitar Vintage

Vintage Alvarez Model 5022 Acoustic Guitar – This beautiful vintage Alvarez dreadnought acoustic guitar is in very good condition for its age. It appears to have hardly been played. The serial number is 604, it was made in Japan, and there is a very faint date on the label in the guitar I believe reads 6/14/76, I presume the date of manufacture. The neck is straight and it is all original. There is a spidering in the finish running about an inch and a quarter along and in from the edge of the guitar, on the top, at the bottom right side. There are a few other hard to notice minor surface blemishes here and there. I measured it to be approximately 401/2” long, 15 3/4“wide at the bottom bout, 11 ¾” wide at the upper bout, and 4 1/2“ deep at the strap button, It has 20 frets. The case is firm (not a bag), and covered in black canvas. There is a truss rod wrench in the case pocket. No International bids. Shipping and insurance is $40.00. Registered Ebay users only.

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